Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Busy Tuesday

Today was like the military. Hurry up and wait. I took my Mom to Ukiah for a medical appointment today. I didn't have to leave until eight- thirty so I thought, "Why not take create some images after I drop Jay off at school". Is there some kind of pattern going on here??? So I found some reflections at Lake Emily and then I found a couple of little deer. All the big deer I found were in the forest with houses and fences for backgrounds. You have to work with what you are dealt.

After dropping off my Mom in Ukiah I puttered around and decided to go up to the junior college to see what I could find. They have a huge solar array and there are usually a lot of Acorn Woodpeckers flying about. I wasn't dissappointed in either category. By then the lighting was gone and I went back to wait for my Mom. She was supposed to be done around noon. I ended up falling asleep in the waiting room. She was finally ready at one- thirty.
A busy but productive first part of the day.

God's precious love to all,

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