Saturday, September 10, 2011

Variations of a Sunrise

The dogs woke me up just before the sunrise. They wanted to be outside with Lenore. Why she didn't let them out I don't know. I rolled out of bed and padded downstairs to look for my camera. That's when I remembered that I left it in my truck. I wandered out past Lenore who was watering the flower beds to my pick up and found my camera. As I was returning to the front yard she squirted me with the hose. You can imagine how well that went.

I set the tripod up and within a few minutes the sun began making its appearance over the horizon. I made multiple compositions as it rose. Being careful (well most of the time) to focus and compose off to the side of the sun and then swing the camera over and pressing the shutter release to create the image. I ended up with five images that I really liked that I felt portrayed the mornings sunrise pretty well.

God's love and precious blessings to all,


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