Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Defeat! Photographer 0 Squirrels 2

A few days ago I was doing some yard work and I ran across this beautiful oak branch that was all covered with lichen. Immediately it came to mind what I wanted to do with it. I was going to photograph a Bandtailed Pigeon on it. I would add some ferns behind it to create a really nice background for it. I carefully planned it all out and this morning put into motion my plan to make it all happen. I set up the bird feeders and got some bracken ferns to put behind the branch for that green look that I wanted. I checked everything out through my camera lens and it looked good. I settled into the photoblind and almost immediately a Bandtailed Pigeon came down from the trees and landed on the edge of the branch.I slowly moved my camera to focus in on it only to see a gray blur and hear the sound of flapping wings. I looked again only to see a Western Gray Squirrel on the branch instead. Soon two more squirrels arrived. I waited and waited but they wouldn't leave. After all who wants to give up all this free food? After awhile I
gave up and went out and shooed the squirrels away and reset everything all up and added a feeder just for the squirrels off to the side. I 'm a very accommodating guy right? Minutes later the squirrels returned taking over both feeders. At that point I was defeated and I gave up. The squirrels won. I'll try again another day. God's precious love and blessings to all, chris

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