Friday, May 25, 2012

Photographer Wins! Photographer 1 Squirrels 0

Sometimes persistence and patience pay off. I have been working on a vision of an image that I had in mind for several days now. I wanted to photograph a Bandtail Pigeon on a lichen covered branch with ferns in the background. The squirrels kept defeating me.This morning I tried a new tactic. I moved the bird feeder and perch closer to the photoblind. I also loaded up my squirt bottle again. I squirted the first squirrel that attempted to climb up onto the feeder and it scurried away. Being blasted at closer range is obviously more effective! Then I politely told the other ones that tried to climb up onto the bird feeder to go away in a loud voice.Can you imagine what anyone watching this would be thinking? Why is that green box yelling at a squirrel? After a long, long wait the Steller's Jays began landing at the feeder. This gave the Bandtails enough confidence to come in and start feeding. Soon one pigeon moved into the sweet spot on the branch and I had my image. It was fun battling the squirrels for my image.
God's precious love and blessings to all, chris

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