Thursday, May 31, 2012

Round'em Up

Over this past weekend I went to a cattle round up on a local ranch near Ukiah, California. It was really exciting to watch the Border Collies, cowboys and one cowgirl work together to bring the cattle down off of the mountain and into the main corral. The cattle were then sorted into smaller corrals. The cows and their calves went into one corral. The yearlings went into another and the steers into the last one. The cutting was pretty interesting to watch as they were trying at times to get one steer from the whole herd. A good horse with cutting skills was a real asset here. It was noisy with a lot of commotion. After the sorting the yearlings, cows and calves were shipped to another ranch in Wiilits, Ca. We followed the cows up to Willits where the second part of the day was spent on the Benbow/Coleman ranch on the edge of Willits. I was saddened to find out that this old historic ranch may soon be gone to make way for the new freeway bypass. I have always admired this ranch when I would drive by. A little bit of history may soon be gone. Here the cows and yearlings were dewormed and the calves were cut,dehorned and branded. It was a pretty eventful day. I'm already looking forward to going on another round up soon. It took hours to edit these round up images. Take your time and linger a little over them.
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