Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Spiders, Snakes and Frogs Oh My!!!

Just as I started typing this today I pulled a tick out from behind my knee where it was crawling around looking for a soft juicy spot to bite me and suck my blood. This morning when I climbed into my photography blind I did a quick visual check for critters that may have taken up residence since I used it yesterday. Once you close that zipper you are stuck inside with whatever has made its way into the blind. OH MY! I have found wasps, spiders and once a snake that slithered away into the grass before I could figure out what it was. Today there was only a brown Pacific Tree Frog on the back of my chair. I plucked him off and into a container so I could photograph him
later. The bird photography this morning was great. It was slightly overcast for good lighting and there were a lot of birds coming into feed as it is supposed to rain tomorrow. They want the good eats before it rains. I was really focused on my photos when I felt something crawling on my leg. I jerked and grabbed downward with my hand and I plucked something soft and wet off of my leg. I opened one of the blind windows for more light only to find a bright green Pacific Tree Frog by my tripod leg. Whew,that was a relief! So it went into the container with the other one. When I got home I got a piece of mossy bark to photograph them on. When I was done I set them free next to our little garden pond. There is a pretty healthy population of Tree Frogs there they can join in with. God's love and light to all, chris

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