Friday, May 11, 2012

Things that Go Bump in the Day

I didn't have much time for photography today as I'm working on some landscaping in the yard. Due to the lack of time I decided to photograph some squirrels and Jays out in front of the house. I made a quick set up with some feeders and settled into my rolling photoblind. It didn't take long for the Steller's Jays to appear and find the food. Soon after a Douglas Tree Squirrel braved the heights and began eating black sunflower seeds. Then something weird happened. Some creature crawled onto the axle of the blind underneath the blind floor and began crawling all over it causing it to vibrate and rumble. My mind went through a myriad of creatures and finally settled on snake. I finally calmed down and thought it's under the blind. There aren't any openings in the floor so just keep photographing. About ten minutes later I photographed a Western Gray Squirrel and called it a day.I was really careful getting out of the photoblind. I peaked under the blind a bit but didn't see anything. I had no plans to push my luck and lift up the blind. Maybe later I can do that with a long 2x4.What ever it was it's still out there somewhere! God's precious light and love to all, chris
Here is a link you can cut and paste into your browser to my rolling blind and my semipermanent blinds that I use in my yard.

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