Saturday, May 19, 2012

More Grain Sir?

One of the negative side effects of having bird feeders is that it draws in deer. Deer are notorious for knocking down my bird feeders to get at the grain. Besides having to repair my feeders the deer also can draw in predators like Mountain Lions that want to eat the deer.Today I was attempting to get some Bandtail Pigeon pictures when this doe showed up trying to get to the grain. I shoeed her away several times but she kept coming back. She kept looking at the photoblind trying to figure out what was going on. She had this Oliver Twist look that seemed to be pleading. "More grain, sir?" After
awhile she finally left and the Bandtails started to come down. That's when one of Annika's friends drove up and all pigeons flew away. Such is the morning of a wildlife photographer. God's tender mercies to all, chris

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