Saturday, May 5, 2012

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Today I played taxi driver and drove Jay to take a math placement test at Sonoma State University. It is in Rohnert Park, California about an hour and a half drive south of where we live in Willits. Taking advantage of the wait while he was testing I headed to a small pond on the north end of Rohnert Park to see what waterfowl I could find. There were very few ducks but there were the cutest Canadian Geese goslings feeding on the grass beside the pond. When I finished up at the pond I headed back to Sonoma State to wait. While waiting I started watching one of the iron workers welding on the new Student Center being built. It was really cool to watch. I had to be careful as you don't ever want to stare at the arc of someone welding or you can get flashburned eyes. I would focus on the welder when he wasn't welding and the look away when he started welding and then press the shutter on the camera. I got some really cool images. On the ride home Jay told me he did pretty well on the test.Yay! I told him that the photography I did while I was waiting was just so contradictory in nature. Here was this soft, cute gosling in contrast to this harsh, hard metal being welded.Totally opposite ends of the spectrum. God's light and love to all,

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