Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Onto Bigger Things

One of the nice things about the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is that the wildlife there is fairly well accustomed to cars driving by. Some of the animals can still be skittish but by driving slowly using your car as a photoblind most animals can be approached close enough to photograph with a telephoto lens. There are two species of deer on the refuge. Both Whitetail Deer and Mule deer can be found here. It's the time of year when deer shed their antlers so I was lucky to find a few Mule Deer that still had theirs. One buck lost one of his antlers during the time I was visiting.He looked kind of funny walking around with one antler. The best time for finding deer was in the early morning and late evening which was fine by me because that is when the best light was available for photography. Here is a good sampling of the deer I photographed.The Mule deer have black tipped tails. God's light and love to all, chris


  1. Hi Chris,

    Not sure what happened, but I can't see the photos of the deer. Maybe it's on my end? Looking forward to viewing them.

    Jade - Running Reflections

    1. Okay - once I was prompted to enter the words I saw to prove I wasn't a robot, the photos showed up. Beautiful! Nice job!


  2. Whew! I'm glad that they came up. Had me worried for a second. Glad that you stopped by for a look, Jade.It has been fun and a lot of work editing all of these images from my trip.I'm glad that you find them to be beautiful.