Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rooting for the Mangy Coyote

Very late in the evening on my second day at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR I was just leaving the refuge when I saw the "Mangy Coyote". I had heard from other photographers of its struggles and I was surprised to see that it was still alive. It was working its way across the prairie stopping every once in awhile to smell and look for scraps of whatever it could find to eat. Very much a desperate bid for survival.I couldn't help but admire its pluck and root it on for it to find something to eat. At one point it stopped and dug its nose into the dirt and weeds and it pulled up something black to eat.The lighting was really poor but I felt the need to capture a few frames of this courageous coyote. If it survives the recent snows there will be a lot more food available when the bison calve and all of the small mammals and rodents start having there young. God's light and love to all, chris


  1. Oh! My heart aches for this creature. I love all wild animals, especially of the canine family. Don't you just wish you could give it something to sustain it? I know, it's not nature's way, but I can't stand to see suffering. I hope food will come soon for him.

  2. I so badly wanted to give it something to eat. But I know it would just make it reliant on people for food . Then either the coyote,a pet, a child or some person would end up getting hurt or killed.