Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ansco Super Memar

Over the weekend I went to the Willits High School Rummage Sale. When I arrived I figured I'd look through the tables before I found Jay to give him a ride home. On the very first table I checked sat an old silver camera sitting right on top of the pile. Well, I'm a sucker for old cameras. I picked it up. It was old and had some rust. I clicked the shutter and it worked! Then I pulled off the broken leather cover and opened the back. That was a big mistake! There was a roll of color print film inside. I slammed the back shut as quick as I could.Naturally I bought it for the princely sum of four bucks.

Today I found the release button and wound the film back up into the film canister. I'll drop it off at the local drug store to see what if any of the prints survived. It will be like a mini treasure to pick up and see what is on it. I cleaned the camera up a little bit and photographed it. The camera is an Ansco Super Memar that was made in 1954 by Agfa in Munchen ,Germany for Ansco Camera. What a fun little find.

God's blessings to all,


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  1. Hopefully one or two frames near the end of the film roll survived. I'll know in about ten days when I pick up the film.Opening the camera back most likely ruined most of the shots on the roll. I learned that years ago shooting film by picking up a camera i hadn't used in awhile and opening up the back to load film and finding some already there.