Monday, October 11, 2010

It's All About the Grapes

I started out the morning with good intentions to do some photography and then go to the bank in Ukiah. A phone call from Lenore straightened me out when she reminded me that it was Columbus day and all the banks would be closed. Wow, I thought to my self. That changes everything. Now I have more time for photographing than I thought.

I proceeded down to Redwood Valley which is a small grape growing area just south of here. I thought harvest was in progress as when I stopped at one vineyard I was watching two vineyard workers cutting grape clusters from the vines. Funny thing was though they were just dropping them on the ground. A truck pulled up a moment later and the foreman got out and began talking to the workers. I asked him if this was the harvest. He explained to me that harvests in this area were two to three weeks away. The workers were just pruning off unripe,small or rotted clusters to allow the remaining ones to sugar up faster for harvest in a couple of weeks.

I then spent the next half hour or so photographing the grape clusters that were hanging from the vines. I photographed until the lighting got too harsh to photograph in.

God's blessings to all,


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