Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Coffee

I have spent the past few days researching buying a used car. I have only purchased one new car in my life. I typically buy ones that are a few years old and have been hopefully well cared for. We have had pretty good luck doing that so far. My current little 4x4 is showing its age with over a 100,000 miles on it. Anyone in the market for a well used Suzuki Sidekick?

Due to my vehicular research I haven't put much time into my photography. This morning I set up my lights and some diffusers and did a little product photography. A basic simple set up with "Christmas Coffee" is the result. Now I have to clean up the house as the "FAB FIVE" Annika and her girl friends are having a sleep over tonight.

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God's love and blessings to all,


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