Thursday, November 10, 2011

Trip Report: Part Three of Three Clearlake State Park

I really love Clearlake State Park in Northern California. It is a superb spot for photography as it has a wide variety of subjects to photograph. I try to make it over that way at least once a month from where I live to do photography and sometimes fishing from my Ultimate 14.5 Kayak. On Tuesday I went over with my friend Joe and he fished while I photographed. The one thing that amazed and annoyed me was the amount of American Coots. There were hundreds of them. It made it extremely difficult to photograph anything without one of them being in the image. Which is OK if you are trying to photograph coots! When God hands you coots. You photograph coots. I had a great time taking action images of them as they would run across the water ahead of me when I ventured too close to them.

Along with the coots there were the ever present American White Pelicans hanging around near the entrance to both Cole and Kelsey Creeks. They are truly magnifent to watch in flight. I created one image of them resting on a gravel bar with the fall colors behind them. It is one of my favorite images from the trip. Besides the pelicans there were shorebirds, ground squirrels and host of other subjects during the day to catch my eye to photograph. It was a wonderful day. The weather was perfect for a good paddle and some photography.

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