Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bee Happy!

OK, I admit it. There are a few wasps thrown in here too. If I did that though the title just wouldn't work. "Bee and Wasp Happy" just doesn't cut it. Yesterday morning my pick up decided to act up when the engine light came on as I was taking Annika to school. I took it to Cal's Garage for repairs and ended up doing my downtown errands on foot. Willits is a small town so that really isn't much of a problem. I made the best of it by bringing my camera along with me. As many of you know walking on foot is a whole different experience for the senses than driving in a car. You tend to see, hear and feel way much more. My best find on my walking errand trip was the flowers in front of the fire station. Here there were bees and wasps aplenty feeding upon the bounty of flowers in a large, brick planter there. I spent well over a half an hour chasing down the flying little creatures. It was well worth the effort to enjoy the warm sunny day and bee happy.

God's love,



  1. Hi Lisa RedWillow, I was looking back through some old entries and I found your comment. A little jewel hidden away for me to find.Thank you very much for such a wonderful comment.