Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Water and Oil or Playing With Patterns No. 2

Over the past coupe of days I have been thinking about how to improve the set up I used to photograph water and oil patterns. This morning I finally figured it out. Progresso Soup! Now you are thinking that I've lost my mind. I know you are. What the set up needed was more working distance to blur the background more. It also needed to be something that I could easily set up and take down.Two stacked soup cans under the corners of a glass tray would be the perfect height and it would be easy to set up and take down.

I set to work at it early this morning and I had a great time finding all sorts of colors to slide under the tray to provide different colored backgrounds. I used Christmas cards, ads and pretty much anything else that was colorful that I could find. The results were stunning. I'm thinking of enlarging one of the images up to poster size to hang in my office.

A Merry Christmas to all,


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