Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Old Garden Gate Goes Furry

Yesterday morning I created a few more images for the old "Garden Gate Series". I was very surprised to see that my first visitor for the day was a chipmunk. They are one of the more difficult critters to photograph around here as they rarely stay in the open long enough to be photographed. I would guess that is because most everything that they run into in their daily lives wants to eat them. Following the chipmunk the birds started coming in but they were scared off by the arrival of a a Western Gray Squirrel. They are pretty much the kings and queens of the feeders. No one gets to use the feeders when they arrive. All of these images were created with a Canon 7D and a Canon 100-400 IS lens the older push pull version. Camera settings used were, AV mode, ISO 800, F 8.0. shutter speeds varied. This morning after writing this blog I photographed a Douglas tree Squirrel there too!


  1. Chippys are so cute. I like them a lot, probably because I don't have them in my yard. Squirrels I am not so fond of because they can destroy my bird feeder and Garden Railway with their digging to bury their nuts. Great images of both though. I know you said you have a love/hate relationship with them too.

    1. Wow, they dig up your Garden Railway. That would get me steamed up too! (Sorry couldn't resist)