Friday, April 15, 2016

Orange Variant

Yesterday afternoon I drove out into the Little Lake Valley to restock my bird feeders. When I arrived the rains cleared for a bit and I thought to myself, "Hmnn... the lighting is pretty good right now. Maybe I should do some photography". So I did. After I settled into the photoblind the birds started coming in. There were mostly House Finches and occasionally a White Breasted Nuthatch would drop in as well. What caught my attention the most were the flashes of orange from an orange variant House Finch. I took as many images of it as I could and these were my two favorite. God's tender love and blessings to all, chris Both images were created with a Canon 7D with a Tamron 150-600mm lens. AV mode, ISO 400, F 8.0 . The camera was supported with a Manfrotto 190 XPROB tripod with a Bogen 3055 heavy duty ballhead.


  1. What a lovely variant! Great catch!

    1. Thank you ever so much for the comment, Shelly Gundeson. I'm playing catch up tonight on comments.