Wednesday, June 29, 2016

California Landscapes

Over the past few days we visited friends in AndyOch. It's actually Antioch but our friends have a son named Andy so it has always been a fun play on words for our family. I am drawn to the wilderness. Every time that we visit Antioch I feel a strong need to get out and explore nature. It may just be that I feel a bit trapped when I'm in suburbia. Luckily Antioch has some great parks on the edge of the city to escape to with some great trails for hiking. This time Lenore and I went for a couple of early morning hikes up into Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. Underneath these mountains there were coal deposits that they would mine for Coal (black diamonds) hence the name of the preserve. It was a perfect way to start the day in God's creation, chris all images created with a Canon 7D and a Canon EF-S17-85mm lens.


  1. Looks like a beautiful place. So these were taken recently? Looks like it should be autumn with the golden color. Great images.

  2. Hi Shelly, Thanks for the comment. These images were taken at the beginning of this week. They are pretty typical for summer in the hills surrounding the San Francisco bay area. Rain is extremely rare there in summer and everything dries up by late spring or early summer.