Monday, July 18, 2016

Stand and Wait

This morning was perfect for bird photography. It was nice and foggy. During the night the fog came rolling in from the coast and covered our house in a nice blanket of fog. Fog is really nice for hummingbird photography because their gorget doesn't overexpose so easily as it does in bright light. I set myself up as close as I possibly could to the hummingbirds favorite perch. I raised my tripod up as far as I possibly could to get closer to the level of the perch. Then I stood motionless with my eye to the viewfinder of the camera. I waited and waited. But not for very long at all. The hummingbirds were really active trying to keep themselves warm. They were buzzing all around me and fighting for possession of the perch. They were landing one after the other on the perch. One male Anna's landed there and I gave my best raspy imitation call of a male Anna's. He immediately perked up and flashed his gorget to the imaginary rival. I got some great images but this one was my favorite. God's love and blessings upon your week, chris Image created with a Canon 7D mkII and a Tamron 150-600mm lens at 600mm. A Canon 550 EX was used for fill flash. It was set to -2. The camera was supported on a Manfortto 190 XPROB tripod.#TeamCanon

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