Friday, September 30, 2016

BBQ'D Mouse

When I went to BBQ the other night. Two mice popped up onto the grill when I lit it. I immediately shut it down so I didn't roast the little critters alive. One ran back down into the interior and the other scrambled and hid in a nest at the back of the BBQ. I ran inside and grabbed a jar. When I came back out one mouse was still hiding inside the nest and the other was still hidden away somewhere. I popped the mouse, mouse nest and all inside of the jar. Next I opened up the doors and the bottom of the grill and lit the flames again. The other mouse dropped to the ground and ran off into one of the flower beds. In the morning I set up a terrarium with some leaves and a small piece of wood and photographed one scared little mouse before I let it go in the forest. It ran so fast I could barely see it! Blessings upon your day, chris Images created with a Canon 7DmkII and a 100mm macro lens. AV mode, ISO 1600, settings varied.


  1. You make that little rodent look so cute! My husband just dealt with two inside the motor area of our wet and dry vac on the porch. Miss Kitty went out there and sniffed them and hubby did the rest.
    great shots of those little mice!

  2. Living in the country does have its challenges with creatures big and small. I wouldn't have it any other way!