Thursday, November 10, 2016

Must Be Coming for Thanksgiving

The quality of the images from the game cam that I own isn't the greatest but it is so much fun to see what passes by on our driveway when we aren't around. There is a Gray Fox that goes by quite often, usually around 5:30 a.m. many mornings. During the day there are Western Gray Squirrels and Jays and deer. At night we often get a lot more deer, sometimes the neighbors cat, skunks and the stray raccoon or two. On Monday night earlier this week we got a really nice Black Bear! The best one had to be a flock of about seven Wild Turkeys. I think they were coming a little early for Thanksgiving to check out the menu! God bless, chris


  1. Wow how cool! A trail cam is on my list of things to get! You sure have a wide variety! I had no idea you had black bear in your area.

  2. Thanks Judy, I hope you are able get one they are a bunch of fun to see what goes thump in the night. We have a lot of bears in this part of the country. Fifty percent of the bears in California live in the North Coast region of California.