Friday, January 26, 2018

Crazy Weather

Yesterday I felt like I was living in Colorado and not California. I awoke to the low rumble of thunder. It hailed for about twenty minutes covering the driveway in almost half an inch of pea sized hail. Not done yet it poured big rain drops really hard off and on for the next couple of hours. Then it totally surprised me by snowing in fits and starts for the rest of the afternoon. There were some really big snowflakes too. Some were close to an inch across. It was just crazy. This morning we awoke to a pink pastel sunrise and it was was overcast for most of the day with a few patches of blue sneaking in. The overcast made for some good photography and I photographed some Red Breasted Nuthatches in the backyard. Have a blessed weekend,chris All of the images were created with Canon cameras. The snowy Redwoods were created with a Canon 7D MkII camera with a Canon EFS 17-85mm lens. Fill flash was provided by a Canon 550 EX flash. The sunrise was captured with a Canon T1i camera and a Canon 50mm f 1.8 lens. All of the bird images were captured with a Canon 7D MkII camera and a Tamron 150-600mm G2 lens. Fill flash was provided by a Canon 550 EX flash set to minus 1-1/3rd stops. #TeamCanon, #TakenWithMyTamron

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