Thursday, January 14, 2021

Unhappy With AT+T #att

 I have been off the air as it were. AT+T throttled back our hotspot data to where I could no longer use the internet. I couldn't access my banking, billing or even FB. Living out in the country has its technological challenges. The primary one being connection to the internet. Over that pas three years we have used our phones as a hotspot to connect our computers to the internet. We purchased an Unlimited Elite Data plan to make that possible. All seemed to go well until the last two months. There is a clause in our plan that if you use too much data they will throttle your internet back. I t's only supposed to be cut back but still usable at a slower rate of data. That hasn't been the case! As soon as we hit the cap it shut down to slower than dial up. It worked fine for three years and then now this. I've called them numerous times about this with promises of help but so far nothing has happened. They promised engineering would call in five minutes. They never called. One time they hung up on me. Three times they have just repeated that I have used all my data and that's the way it is. when I explain that it is supposed to be throttled back and not turned off they offer no solutions. Well it's a new month and I will have data for a short time until it's throttled back. Soon I will hopefully be getting a new provider. Bye AT+T Enjoy the ducks and geese from yesterday. Lake Ralphine in Howarth Park, Santa Rosa, CA

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