Sunday, October 20, 2013

From the Biggest to the Smallest

Today Lenore and I went on a short adventure. We drove down to Cornerstone in Sonoma,CA. There was an event being held there called "Wine Country Optics and Nature Festival". We got to try out all kinds of optics from Leica, Nikon Pentax and others. Some amazingly clear binoculars! There were also some incredible photographs on display from Douglas Herr, Suzi Eszterhas and Ron LeValley. Numerous conservation organizations had booths set up covering everything from save the frogs to animal rescue groups. My two favorites exhibits had an Asian Hawk Owl one of the largest owls in the world and a Northern Pygmy Owl one of the smallest. After touring the exhibits we had a marvelous lunch at Park 121. Butternut Squash soup, BLT and a fresh salad with citrus dressing.It was nice to get out into the world a bit. God's love to all, chris

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