Saturday, October 19, 2013

What are You Doing in My Photoblind?

I kept hearing this strange scratching noise yesterday as I was photographing hummingbirds from my photoblind. I looked all around the around the blind for its source with no luck. Thinking it might be a Chipmunk or a Junco scratching for seed I searched the ground on the edges of the blind. Nope. Suddenly Annika's cat Papaya slipped in under the blind flap startling me! I picked her up and began petting her secure in my knowledge that the mystery was solved. Then the scratching noises began again. HMMMNNN... it can't be the cat because the cat is in my lap. I put the cat down and she went out. As she went out and a little light came into the blind I caught a glance of something moving in the upper corner of the blind. Pulling open the door and flooding the blind with light I saw a cricket climbing up into the darkened corner of the blind. I went into the house and grabbed a jar and captured it. This morning I placed the Mormon Cricket - (Anabrus simplex) a female by the way onto one of Lenore's roses to photograph. It nibbled away on the rose as I photographed it. Afterwards I let it go into the forest. God's love and blessings to all, chris Equipment- Canon 50D,100mm macro lens,Alien Bees 1600 Monolight with a 28"x56"Softbox,3'x5'Gold Reflector Camera Settings- Manual Mode, F16.0,1/200th of a sec, ISO 400


  1. Cool photo, but errr... what's a photoblind?

  2. Thanks Leon Fisher. A photoblind (or hide) is similar to a tent. It's a camouflaged enclosure usually made of fabric to hide the photographer from the birds or animals they are photographing. I have a couple made from plywood as well.