Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hold That Shower!

Yesterday evening my daughter Annika had a volleyball game at the local high school. I was just about to pop into the shower to get cleaned up to go when I glanced out into the front yard to see a bracken fern just positively glowing with sunlight. I immediately knew my shower was going to have to wait. I threw back on some clothes and padded out onto the driveway bare foot. I was looking for just the right angle that had the fern in the foreground with some dark shadows in the background. Moving a little to the left I could place the shadow of a large Douglas Fir Tree right behind the fern. In photography shadows will go black if the foreground is bright enough. In this case with the fern glowing in the sun I knew the background would go black. After a bit of fiddling with the composition I had my image. I ran back into the house for my shower and made it with plenty of time for her volleyball game. God's love to all, chris


  1. I appreciate you so much for dropping in for a visit to view my photography today, DANIELLE FOURAGE. It is always so nice to see your comments. thank you!