Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bulking Up on Acorns

Right now if you are looking for deer in the area where I live most of the time you will find them eating acorns. This morning that is where I found this little 3x3 and a spike. It was difficult to get an image of them looking up because the majority of the time they had their noses down looking for acorns in the leaves. They eat an amazing amount of acorns in preparation for the upcoming winter. God bless, chris


  1. They are indeed beautiful animals, omar nuñez isas. Especially at this time of year when thy are getting ready for winter and are starting to rut.

  2. Just Beautiful Chris - which cam do you use to get these beautiful shots?

  3. Thank you Ricardo Gardener for dropping by and commenting. My usual camera set up is a Canon 50D with a Canon 100-400 IS lens on it.