Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Stalking the Wild Butterfly

This afternoon I decided walk down to the garden and see what was going on. Mainly I wanted to see if their were any cherry tomatoes left that I could feast upon. Upon my arrival I found that there were about a dozen orange cherry tomatoes left on the almost leafless vines. I plucked a few of the sun ripened little globes and they were delicious. While I was contemplating their sweetness on my taste buds I watched several small Mylitta Crescent Butterflies feeding on some dandelions in between the garden beds. Wow I thought, "That would make a great image with the garden beds as a background behind it!" I ran up to the house and grabbed my camera and made my way back down to the garden. I plopped myself on the ground on my belly about four feet away. I braced my camera on the edge of a lounge chair and waited. It didn't take very long before one of the orange little jewels came fluttering along. They would feed from flower head to flower head as I tried to follow along. Sometimes they seemed to like a flower and they would tarry there a little longer giving me more time to focus and compose an image. I photographed quite a few over the course of about half an hour. I had a great time. Hopefully the back of my neck didn't get too badly burned. God's precious light and love to all, chris Equipment Used- Canon 50D, 20mm extension tube,Canon 100-400 IS lens Camera Settings- AV mode,ISO 400,F 5.0,1/2,500th of a sec.,

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