Friday, October 25, 2013

I Love Being in the Photoblind

There is something special about being in a blind. I love heightened senses of hearing that I get when I am sitting there. This morning I got up early and filled the bird feeder. Within minutes I could hear the Red Breasted Nuthatches calling from the forest. Yank,Yank,Yank. Mixed in I could hear the Chestnut Backed Chickadees. Chicka see dee, dee, dee. Further off I could hear the Ravens guttural calling. There were a gang of Steller's Jays with raspy calls working over the acorns in the tree tops. Every now and then an acorn would break loose tick, tack, tock down through the branches and into the leaves. Later on when the birds started feeding the activity was almost nonstop. There was a constant flow of Nuthatches and Chickadees to the feeder intermixed with a few Juncos brave enough to come up from the ground to the feeder. At one point a big Band Tailed Pigeon scattered all the birds when it fluttered down next to the pond for a drink. Beautiful sounds to my ears. The photography was exciting but tough as the lighting kept changing from bright to shadow as the low fall sun traveled through the trees in its arc across the sky. I came away with several beautiful images that I am quite pleased with. May you have a blessed weekend, chris

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