Monday, October 19, 2015

Big, Big Spider Came Down the Waterspout

I stepped into the bathroom the other night and as I clicked on the light a big red spider dangled down the wall on a thin strand of silken web. Quickly I ran downstairs and grabbed a canning jar. I darted back upstairs and scooped the spider up into the jar and snugged the lid tight. Hmmn... like it's really going to open the jar and escape? On Saturday morning I gently nudged the spider out of the jar onto a leaf from the garden. I photographed it in the early morning light before setting it free out in the forest where it belongs. May you have a blessed day, chris BTW: Check out how many eyes it has! Image created with a Canon 7D and a 100mm macro lens on a Manfrotto tripod with a Bogen ballhead. Camera settings used were, AV mode, ISO 400, F 16.0 at .3 sec.

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