Thursday, October 1, 2015

Cover All the Angles

Yesterday morning I went off in search of a deer. It's been quite awhile since I have done any deer photography. I hit all my usual spots and didn't see a single buck. As a last resort I hit an old ranch house that sometimes works but parking along the road is pretty iffy. Sure enough there was a nice little three point buck lying out in a field near the ranch house. I made a a couple of U turns and managed to barely squeeze my car off the road into a wide spot on the shoulder. Then I walked about fifty feet down the road and up to the fence lining the field. I was surprised to see the buck wasn't very concerned at all that I was there. He kept his eyes on me but at least he didn't get up and bolt off into the forest. With such an agreeable model I photographed him from a variety of different spots and angles with different backgrounds. Deer look bigger if you photograph them from a low spot looking uphill so I got down low to my knees. I photographed him up close and full bodied in scenic format. I made sure to get some tight portraits as well for those cover shots. You never know when you need a vertical for a cover. So whenever you are out photographing if you find something great to photograph be sure to take the time if possible to look at your subject from a different angle or point of view. You might be surprised at what you find. Go out there and enjoy your day and God's blessings to you, chris

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