Wednesday, October 28, 2015

It Didn't Take Them Very Long

There was about a half hour break in the weather this morning so I decided to hit the photoblind in the backyard for a few more Steller's Jay images. Not long after I arrived so did a Douglas Tree Squirrel. I could have chased her off but I decided that she looked really photogenic with the fall colors in the background behind her. Besides the fact that I really like Douglas Tree Squirrels. They are just so spunky and fun to watch. I put up this feeder last Friday so it didn't take the squirrels very long to find it. Especially when you consider that there is literally tons of acorns out in the forest right now. I got a lot of nice images of her and here is one of them. This image was created with a Canon 7D and a Canon 100-400 IS lens at 285mm. Camera settings used were, AV mode, ISO 800, F 5.6 at 1/640th of a sec. The camera was supported by a Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod with a Bogen 3055 Ballhead. God's precious light and love to all, chris

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