Friday, August 12, 2016

Crossing the Milky Way

I was up and about attempting to photograph the Perseid Meteor shower at four a.m. this morning. All the meteors that I captured were too faint or centered in the image. The only bright spot was an airliner that passed through the Milky Way. It took a full minute and a half to pass overhead so this image is a composite of three images put together. It flew over so silent and high that its engines could barely be heard. Most likely it was flying into San Francisco or LA as where I live is directly under the flight path of airliners coming from Asia. Happy Friday! Enjoy the upcoming weekend and God bless, chris Image created with a canon 7D mkII and a Canon EFS 10-22 mm lens. Camera settings used were M mode, ISO 3200, F 4.5 at 30 seconds. Camera was on a Manfrotto 055 XPROB tripod with a Bogen ballhead.#TeamCanon


  1. Thank you so very much for stopping by and commenting, Judy.

  2. Beautiful! I wish I could see the sky like this where I live!