Friday, August 19, 2016

Time of the Bees or Feeding Frenzy

Even if I didn't have a calendar I would be able to tell that it was getting close to the end of August by the Honey Bees. At this time of year there aren't nearly as many flowering plants for them to feed upon so they turn to my hummingbird feeders. What's interesting is that most of the bees seem to prefer just one feeder even though I have quite a few of them hung up for the hummingbirds to use. This morning when I went out to restock the feeders they were literally mobbing the one by the garage. I had to shake the bees off of it in order to refill it. When I checked the same feeder at two this afternoon they had completely sucked it dry! I can't even begin to calculate how many trips the bees had to make to be able to do that. Hopefully the hive is really close by. It looks like i may need to boil up some more nectar.May you have a great weekend and God bless, chrisAll images were created with a Canon 7DmkII with a 100mm macro lens handheld. AV mode, ISO 800, exposures varied.

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  1. Great closeups! I never even thought about why they tried to take from the Hummingbird feeder then but you are absolutely right. Gotta help those bees anyway we can. :-)