Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Devil's Backbone

More from Colorado. I awoke way before the rest of the family and I was looking forward to an adventure. I walked out to the car and headed west of Loveland, Colorado to the Devil's Backbone Open Space Trail System. When I was a kid growing up in this area there was no such thing. It was just an area we hiked in to climb up to the keyhole in the Backbone. I was glad to see that someone or a group of people preserved it for future generations to enjoy also. Thanks.


While walking the trail I saw a group of Mule Deer hightail it to cover and I saw a few cottontails scamper off into the brush. I walked up to an overlook at the top of the divide and I turned around and headed back. A jogger went by me on the way down and as she passed by me she breathelessly blurted out. "There is a big snake on the trail down by the parking lot. I think it's a rattlesnake." As I continued to walk down I thought to myself. You think it's a rattlesnake?!!!!

Later further on down the trail I almost walked right over the section of pathway it was on. Luckily it buzzed me and I was able to steer clear of it. It was a beautiful rattlesnake. It's amazing how well it's coloration matched the natural vegetation in the area. It's markings were beautiful. I took a series of images of it as it slowly crawled off of the trail into the brush. It was the spectacular ending to a great mornings hike.

God's blessings to all,


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