Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Real California

Today we went to the beach on the North Coast. We packed winter jackets and made sure that we had warm hats. Why? Because we live in Northern California. Whenever you go to the beach here you can encounter anything from a warm sunny day to bitter cold with heavy fog and the wind blowing like crazy and anything in between. One thing you can always count on though is that the water will be cold. If you plan on surfing you had better have a complete wet suit that includes gloves and a headpiece and possibly even booties.
Tossing that all that aside though you will encounter beautiful beaches with usually few people set amidst some of the most beautiful coastline anywhere in the United States.
Today it was really foggy but we wore our jackets and enjoyed playing frisbee. We sat around the fire and had a great picnic. My son Jay did some skim boarding and had a wonderful time.
God's light and love to all,


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