Friday, September 10, 2010

Still Swimming

Still stuck on the water theme. Today I went out and grabbed some fruit to see what I could do with it in the water. It took me awhile to get the horizon figured out. So a few images that I have created are still a work in progress with some room to improve. I played with the backgrounds a little but decided that I like the black the best. I'd like to try white but I'll need to get an aquarium without a plastic black rim to get that to work.

God's blessings to all,



  1. PERFECT !! oh my.. I LOVE what your doing..
    will have to take some lessons from you..
    yes??? ok.. please???
    they are really really great captures.. looks like your having lots of fun..
    keep it up.. they are fantastic.

  2. Hope,

    I learned how to do this from watching some tutorials from an Atlanta based photographer by the name of Alex Koloskov. Once I got the basics down I have been able to branch out into my own ideas like the "Say When" image.