Friday, July 22, 2011

Road Trip Through the San Joaquin Valley

Once in awhile you need a good road trip to open your eyes up to the rest of the world. Even if it is a trip on I5 which travels down the Central Valley almost straight as an arrow for hundreds of miles. Not much to see which is interesting in itself. The landscape is punctuated by cell towers, agricultural fields and equipment. Also too is the never ending procession of trucks hauling all manner of items for this vast consumeristic country of ours. Smell wise you pass by a few feed lots and dairies that will really open up your mind and make you immediately close the car windows if you just happened to have them open.It was very challenging to photgraph from the car traveling at 70 mph. The scenery just zips by so you have very little time to think and compose an image. A long but interesting road trip.

God's love and safe travels to all,


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