Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Days in the Making

Some wildlife images are just pure serendipity. You are walking or driving along and you just happen to find some bird or animal. Usually though it's not pure serendipity as you were looking in places you would expect to find deer or wolves or what ever animal you were searching for. You did your homework and were searching in habitat and at a time where you could expect that form of wildlife to be there.

Many wildlife images however are the result of a bit more planning and hard work. They involve not only finding the proper habitat and time but involve setting up a photography blind. Then a lot of patience and hours sitting in the blind waiting. For the viewers of wildlife images it doesn't matter. What they see in both cases is the end result. They don't see what went into the creation of the image.

The simple vulture images shown in todays blog are of the latter type. I found a dead raccoon and set up my blind nearby. It took several days before the vultures started feeding on the carcass. This morning I went into the blind and waited. Finally after about forty five minutes one lone vulture came in and started feeding. The lighting was very low so I had to wait for times when the vuulture would look up and not be moving for a fraction of a second while I pressed the shutter release.

A special note about Turkey Vultures is that they find their food by both sight and smell.

God's precious light and love to all,


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