Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Days Don't Go as Planned

My goal today was to capture an image of a vulture in warm sunlight. I knew from observing the dead raccoon that they have been feeding on that the sun was on it at pretty close to four o'clock in the afternoon. My plan was to get into the blind around two in the afternoon and wait.

Several things happened through out the day that kind of torpedoed that. The first one was that my loving, wonderful dog Badger escaped about one thirty or so scattering the vultures in all directions. I could hear him barking and the vultures crashing through the branches as they made thier escape. The next event was that the vultures had ripped the carcass so that it was hanging off the branch so that it wouldn't really be in the photograph anymore. I got out my old (emphasis on the old) wooden ladder and climbed up about three feet or so to correct the problem by moving the dead raccoon back onto the branch. The ladder promptly broke sending me plummeting to the ground in a standing position. Now I was trapped in the ladder with twin scratches from the wood going up my thighs! After extricating myself from the ladder I finally settled into the blind. I waited in the blind until about four twenty or so dazed and daydreaming while nothing came to feed. All I managed to capture an image of the grisly reamains of the raccooon. Not exactly something very pretty to look at.

God's light and love to all, chris

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