Monday, January 30, 2012

Being stupid or A Monday Morning Drive Gone Bad

This morning I went for a drive out Sherwood Road near Willits, Califonia looking for some elk to photograph. I found the elk herd but the big bull was up in the trees and wouldn't come down. I guess he doesn't like his photo taken.With no big bulls in view I decided to drive the eastern branch of Sherwood all the way back to Highway 101. Along the way I spotted where a good samaritan had put someones hubcap up on a fence post. Later on I photographed an old "No Trespassing Sign" that no longer had much to say. Eventually I wound my way back to Highway 101 and headed down to Willits. When I reached Reynolds Highway I made the decision to restock my bird feeders out on the Burris Ranch.
Along the way I spotted an oak tree out in the fog I thought would be cool to photograph. I pulled off onto the shoulder only to sink up to the axles on both wheels. DUH! That was smart I thought to myself. In trying to get out I realized that I was just shredding my tire that was on the pavement. Finally using my brain I gave up and called AAA for a tow truck. A CHP officer came by and checked on me and helped with traffic until the Tow truck arrived. While I waited I photographed a Grain Truck going by and fielded numerous offers to pull me out which I thought was pretty cool and shows the good nature of the people around here.

God's precious love and blessings to all,


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