Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Park It

We got a safety recall notification about the sun roof on Lenore's car. Apparently the sun roof glass could at any time fall from the roof of the car and squash you. Naturally this got our attention and we called about getting it repaired. They responded that we could get it repaired for free at the nearest repair facility. Here is where living in a small town becomes a major disadvantage. The closest place was an hour and a half away in Santa Rosa. After six months of waiting during which the sun roof could have fallen on us at any moment the repairmen called and we set up a time for it to be repaired. I asked for a time in the morning so I could go down early in the morning and squeeze in some photgraphy at Howarth Park before the appointment.

I drove down this morning and was able to get in about forty five minutes of photography at the park before I had to go get the car repaired. The lighting was nice early morning light and there were plenty of subjects. One of the advantages of photographing at a park is that the birds become accustomed to people and are more approachable than they would be out in the wilds. I was able to walk within ten feet of a Black Crowned Night Heron. Something virtually immpossible to do anywhere near where I live. I wanted to spend more time photographing but that had to wait until another day. There was a Kingfisher that I want to get to know better so I will be going back.

God' preciious love to all,


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