Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The End of It or Time to Go Play

I sat in the photo blind for several hours today with very little to show for it. If I had wanted to photograph turkeys it would have been a piece of cake. They dominated the bird feeders for most of the time I was there. Finally one brave Douglas Tree Squirrel came up on the log where I had my feeder. Just as I was about to click the shutter it turned and faced away from me. A few seconds later the turkeys came over and scared him off. I finally gave up and came back inside and made myself a green drink for breakfast. Naturally I thought, Hmmnn..this would be cool to photograph. I photographed it and took the image into my office to play around with on Photoshop. With a little work I put it against a background of one of my water and oil images. They go together pretty well.

God's love and blessings to all,


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