Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Few More Birds

This morning I headed out to the Burris Ranch in the Little Lake Valley in Northern California for some bird photography again. Who would have thought I might do that again? I got into the photoblind pretty early after restocking the feeders and setting up some perches.I saw a lot of House Finches and even photographed a Brown Headed Cowbird. It wasn't my favorite image though
. Here are my two best images of the morning. An Oak Titmouse ( one of my favorite birds) and a California Valley Quail. God's precious love and blessings to all, chris


  1. Chris, I respect your work a lot...
    I, just like millions of others, love nature... not unlike you :-)

    And your nature shots, are really amazing.
    They paint clearly what nature means to you.. to animals & to birds...

    Thanks for the Blog!
    And Keep it up!!

  2. Androsoul, Thank you very much for such a wonderful compliment. I really appreciate the encouragement.