Thursday, May 24, 2012

Squirrels Win Again!

I'm still working on getting that Bandtail Pigeon image I had in mind with the lichen covered branch and the ferns.. After my last defeat to the squirrels I thought I was ready. This morning I got up early and took Jay to school. When I got back I restocked the bird feeder and got everything set up for my image. I also brought my secret weapon. I climbed into my blind secured the door and I waited. After about five minutes the first squirrel appeared and I let him have it with my spray bottle full of water. He scurried off into the woods unharmed and I was elated. A Steller's Jay appeared and went to the feeder and I took a few images of it. Then another squirrel appeared and I let the water fly again. The squirrel scrunched down and kept feeding. Then it relaxed and just ignored the spray of water directed its way. I was shaken by this unexpected turn of events. I climbed out of the photoblind and shooed the squirrel away only to have it return five minutes later. This went on for at least half an hour before I gave up in defeat because every time I got out of the blind the Bandtails would fly away too. Now I am faced with what many people with bird feeders all over the world suffer with. Squirrels! Which is too bad because I really like squirrels. I'll have to set up an extra feeder down the road for them to use while I attempt to photgraph the birds here. Sometimes that works and sometimes the birds go there instead. In any case it will be fun and challenging to try and outwit the squirrels. God's love and blessings to all, chris

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