Saturday, June 23, 2012

Birdies and a Lizard

This morning was an early kind of day. I got up early and finished early. I went out to my photoblind on the Burris Ranch in the Little Lake Valley and photographed some birds. I photographed a California Brown Towhee,House Finch and an Oak Titmouse. Walking back to the truck I spotted a Western Fence Lizard on some fence rails that was really cooperative so I photographed him too. A pretty nice way to start a Saturday.Thank you God for such a marvelous world to live in. God's light and precious love to all, chris


  1. Hey great photos. What kind of lens do you use?

  2. Thank you very much for the compliments m.klamka and bthottli! I love doing bird photography.

    hardkoretom for most of my bird photography i use a Canon 100-400 IS lens. It's the most versatile and affordable lens for the type of work I do.

  3. I love bird, your images very great...

    1. Thank you very much blogagain. Birds are so much fun to do. they are so colorful and interesting.

  4. ..Congrats !! Wonderful blog yours ...