Thursday, June 28, 2012


This morning I went out to the Burris Ranch in the Little Lake Valley in Northern California to try and get some quail images. I also needed to restock my bird feeders there as I haven't been out there in a few days. When I arrived the feeders were picked clean (hungry little birds) so I restocked them. Then I worked on a new set up for quail by placing an oak log by the feeders for the quail to walk up on. After that I climbed into the photoblind and I sat and waited. I waited and waited. I could hear quail off in the distance but they stayed in the distance. Sound familiar? An Oak Titmouse began landing on a little stub of a branch when it came into the feeders. A couple of times it landed in a different spot. I focused on the little stub of a branch and waited. I had to be patient and wait for it to land on that little stub. I was really tempted to photograph some of the other birds that started coming in. But I knew if I waited long enough the Titmouse would land where I wanted it to.Finally after about fifteen minutes it finally did. I had a pretty nice image! The quail never came today. Tomorrow or another day I'll try again. I was happy with the little Titmouse image as they are one of my favorites to photograph. God's light and love to all, chris


  1. amazing work! i have added your blog to my blog list, could you add mines on to yours, if not cool.

  2. Thank you very much Darren Ruddy. I loved the dip dye dress! What a cool way to color a dress.