Thursday, June 7, 2012

Image of the Week or Just Rambling

This morning I went and worked out after I dropped off Jay to school.When I left the gym I had no definite plans for today other than domestic chores at home. I finally made the decision to restock my bird feeders out on the Burris Ranch in the Little Lake Valley. After restocking them I sat in the photoblind for a short time not creating anything significant with the birds. I decided a short visit to the pond was overdue to check on the local dragonfly population. Upon arrival not to many were flying and none were using the perches I had put up and that usually works. On the trip downhill to the pick up a wildflower a Mariposa Lily caught my eye. I immediately thought, "That would be great to photograph!" Lying flat on the ground I started to photograph it. Then I noticed the shadow of the beetle going up the side of the flower on the inside. It looked really cool. What a nice image to end the morning with. God's blessings and love to all, chris